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Florence 4 star Hotel

Located a short walk from the central train station of Florence, the 4-star Hotel Santa Maria Novella sees its windows opening on the square and offering exclusive views of the church of Santa Maria Novella and of some of the most important works of art in Tuscany, from the Hospital of St. Paul to the marble obelisks.

The Hotel Santa Maria Novella, thanks to its enviable position, is a destination that for more than a century has been a center of excellence for those visiting Tuscany and Florence, a 4 star hotel that surrounds its guests with the best comfort and with a deep passion for hospitality.

Book now your 4 star hotel in Florence and Tuscany, one of the most charming Italian regions, will reveal itself with that special charm that only a stay in the pedestrian center can grant. Choose the room you prefer at the Hotel Santa Maria Novella and get to know the cradle of the italian Renaissance, living just few steps away from the most fascinating testimonies of the past will be an unforgettable experience.


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Be - SMART Offer

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