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Draw up a list to understand from which hotels Florence will reveal itself at its best is certainly a daunting task; to start on the right foot, however, we suggest the Hotel Santa Maria Novella, one of the few hotels in Florence located in the heart of the homonymous square and easily accessible from all the major access points to the city.

One of the features that make the Hotel Santa Maria Novella one of the best hotels in Florence is the elegance that distinguishes each of the 45 rooms, designed as an unicuumof style and taste, distinguished by delicate wall decorations and wooden floors and furnished with consoles, tables and desks along with sumptuous antique beds framed by beautiful curtains and crowned by canopies made of wood or wrought iron.

From the rooms at the Hotel Santa Maria Novella is also possible to enjoy privileged and romantic views of the square and the suites in particular will offer the guests of this masterpiece among the hotels in Florence a large terrace that offers spectacular views over the historic center of the city.